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Mar 20, 2011 5:30pm PDT
energy consultant, a u.s. navy veteran, and a three-time republican candidate for state assembly. the cause of his death is unknown, he was 64. >>> tomorrow marks the beginning of the barry bonds perjury trial. he is accused of lying to a grand jury. in 2003 bonds told the grand jiri never knowingly used steroids, defense lawyers and prosecutors will begin jury selection tomorrow morning, it's likely they'll present opening statements by tuesday. the giants outfielder set major league baseball's home run record at 762 during his last season with the team in 2007. >>> a merger between two of the u.s. top wireless carriers is in the works tonight. at&t says it will buy t-mobile from its german owner deutsch tell come. it is valued at 39 billion in cash and company stock. it is the second largest carrier in the nation, t-mobile is the fourth. it will make at&t the largest carrier in the nation. t-mobile is coming off two years of flat revenues as it struggles to compete with at&t and verizon, both companies have approved the deal but it will face tough scrutiny by regulators. >>> trapped
Mar 13, 2011 5:30pm PDT
in a car encased in mud. u.s. search and rescue crews have arrived to help find survivors and deliver much needed supplies. japan has declared -- emergency. sea water was used to cool another reactor at the fukushima plant. >> if you put it in context relative to the destruction of this part of the coast, this nuclear event, minimal in comparison. >>> well, harmful levels of radioactivity are not likely to reach the united states. the weather conditions appear to take the small releases of radio activity out to sea. given the thousands of miles separating japan and the u.s., they don't expect any harmful levels to reach hawaii, alaska, or the mainland. >> it's stunning. images still coming in. take look at this. tsunami waves pushing into a bay and black water flowing over the embankment and everything washed away. more now on the survives being found. as we said, this man was clinging to the roof of the house after the tsunami swept him out to sea. he was 10 miles offshore when he had been spotted. he had been waving a red cloth to passing ships today. he was rescued by helic
Mar 12, 2011 5:30pm PST
for. dozens of countries are offering to help with rescues and the recovery. u.s. marines are already starting to deploy critically needed supplies. charlie d'agata, cbs news, tokyo. >> it was crescent city that saw the highest tsunami waves in the u.s. 8-foot surges. crews are waiting for safer conditions to begin clean up of the damaged harbor. there are at least 17 damaged and sunken vessels and also the smell of boat fuel and oil. in addition, there are rocks, logs and other debris that need to be cleared away. >> we do get a small tsunami once in a while or surge in here and it breaks the docks up but this is the worst i have ever experienced. >> the harbor is crescent city's life blood and the sheriff says it is going to be hard to recover. >>> this is a look at the wave coming into the crescent city harbor. authorities released the name of the man swept out to sea while taking pictures of the waves. 25-year-old dustin webber. he was with two other people when they were all washed into the ocean. the two other people managed to survive and swim to safety. even parts of northern
Mar 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
forces is under way. air strikes are hitting closer to gadhafi's hometown. >> reporter: the u.s. led force has conducted air strikes against moammar gadhafi's regime and established a no-fly zone. but the obama administration has made it clear it will be handed over. air strikes are hitting gadhafi's hometown for the first time and tri-proly. >> populations are being terrorized every day. >> reporter: rebels handed out food to civilians one day after capturing the town. on sunday the opposition pushed west, seizing the oil town of -- one rebel claims there was no resistance at all from forces loyal to gadhafi. >> reporter: the gadhafi forces are withdrawing. >> reporter: the united nations security council meets on monday. they authorized the use of force to protect civilians from gadhafi's war planes, but they claim coalition strikes killed 100 civilians. >> the truth of the matter is we have trouble coming up with any proof of any civilian casualties that we've been responsible for. >> he says the u.s. will reduce forces in weeks, but he doesn't know if anyone knows if mill action
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4